Pardon My French

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.50.15 PM.pngHere’s the thing, I love to swear. I use it for inflection and I feel the need to inflect pretty much anything I am saying. This only applies to when I am actually speaking. When I am writing something like an e-mail, I see how much I swear and I don’t like it. I end up deleting all of them. It isn’t ladylike to swear. I have quite an inner battle on this matter because I really enjoy it. If you remember the three P’s, presentation has been thrown out the window in this regard. So the next time you want to swear, try using a different word instead. (As a side note, if your substitute word is so obvious which word you’d rather be using, it is just like swearing.)

The Emergency Kit

DSCN0456.JPGThe modern woman is out and about. She needs to be able to turn her look around at the drop of a hat without making her bag unfit for carrying. Whether it’s a skirt that needs hemming or a two minute turn around for an impromptu date. This bag of tricks is sure to save you from a numerous amount of unsightly scenarios.

Hair thing: Make it something eye catching. I am partial to brass hair combs, which you don’t see too often, but a tortoise shell alligator clip is another great option.

Lipstick: Something that can double as blush make’s it more utilitarian. (Creme color also works great for this).

Mascara: The mini versions you get as promotions from department stores is the perfect size to toss in your bag and not break the bank when you need to replace it (Every three months).

Concealer: This could be a foundation stick, compact foundation, whatever it is you use to touch up. I was once in a bathroom and pondered the question, ‘is it still concealer if you use it all over my face?’ The answer, is yes.

Meds: Hidden in a mint container, whatever your ailment, it can be housed in something bit more discreet than the container it came in (extra points for chic pill boxes).

Mirror: Because you never know.

Floss: See above. The mini pictured above is what I get from the dentist when I go for my cleaning.

Jewelry: For when you are feeling a bit blah and need jazzing up. I find rings or bracelets travel the best.

Sewing kit and safety pins: Hotels often give simple kits when you stay there. You don’t need more than a dark and light thread and one needle, you aren’t making a dress after all.

Thank You Notes


Can an e-mail be elegant? Sure, any time you are taking time out of your day to compose a thoughtful note shows that you care. If you want to take that extra step though, writing your note is an art that is dying out quicker than it should. The process of shopping for your stationery and putting together your thoughts in your own handwriting can be quite an experience. Next time you need to send a note to someone, consider sitting down with a notecard instead.



I feel like as time goes on, we are slowly go back to how things were decades ago. Before consumerism really took off. People didn’t buy crazy amounts of things just to buy them. And what they did buy was well made. The decline of quality has gotten so bad, that now it is considered a specialty to hand make something so that it doesn’t break in a week.

I was recently going through some of my belongings and came to the realization I still owned a pair of sandals from 2006. That is a decade I have owned these sandals. You’re probably thinking I bought them at Nordstrom, or some other store where the price tag is high, ensuring they are going to last longer than a month. Nope. Target. Yep, you read that right. Target. Now if I bought a pair of sandals at Target, I wouldn’t expect much out of them.

So that’s where I adopted the idea┬áthat I was going to not buy a million pairs of shoes, I was only going to buy a few. And those shoes would get me though whatever I need. Not just shoes, this thought was going to apply to everything. Quality instead of quantity. I was going to buy less, but the best version I could afford. Also known as “have less, make it luxe”.