Signature Scent


Scent is a powerful thing. It creates memories. Smells are like songs, they transport us to a different time. So when you are shopping for your perfume, keep that in mind. Do some digging. Find something that is unique to you, that will leave a lasting impression when you meet people. I live in California and the scent I wear can’t be purchased here. So I know the chances of finding someone who has the same scent are highly unlikely. Everywhere I go I’m asked what I’m wearing. People smell my fragrance and now it is associated with me. If they smelled it and I wasn’t around, if I have encountered that person, whether they want it to or not, they will think of me. So when you are shopping for your fragrance. Keep that in mind. Mix two together or better yet, make your own. That is the beauty of the signature scent.

Return to Simplicity

In a world where everyone is trying to be noticed or trendy. I find myself wanting more and more to slink into the shadows. Instead of wearing several shades or pink or patterned everything. I prefer to wear simple pieces, but it isn’t that simple(ironic really). You need to pick well edited pieces. If all you’re wearing is a couple items and a piece of jewelry. It needs to be the right combination. Look for things that are well made or have an interesting detail to them. By doing this, you’ll be what everyone is looking at, in a good way.

Brand Spotlight: Zoya

If you are looking for the most amazing nail polish ever, this is it. Zoya nail polish is both long wearing and toxin free. With a color collection like that of Essie or OPI, you will never miss out on the color you crave. Many nail polishes claim to be three free. Zoya is five free (toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP)

Sleepwear 101

DSCN0340.JPGWe spend so much time sleeping, but do we really consider what we are donning before we drift off? It might not seem like a big deal, but elevating your sleepwear game can also do the same to your confidence. A matching pair of silk pajamas is going to make you feel way better than those mismatched tattered ones.

My personal favorite. They come in a range of colors and patterns. As well as a variety of price points. This is by far the sexiest option, but don’t save it for a date night, sometimes wearing one of these when you’re home alone and having a personal dance party is all you need to put yourself in a great mood.

Matching set
The matching set is not nearly as popular as it once was, but it’s still a classic and still around. This option is most elegant choice. Get them monogrammed if you want to take it up a notch. Silk or cotton, you can’t go wrong.

There is an episode of scandal where Olivia Pope wears a Donna Karan sweater and La Perla silk pajama pants and it changed my mind about separates from that moment on. If youre going to go this route, the over sized t shirt and mens boxers pairing just won’t do. Make a more luxe decision and elevate your choices.

The Perfect Match


Finding your perfect foundation is a task more daunting than doing your taxes, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these steps to funding a foundation that will give you a flawless finish!

Determine your undertone
There is cool, neutral and warm. If the veins on your wrist are blue, you’re cool. If they are green, you’re warm. If they are blue and green, you’re neutral. Still not sure? If silver jewelry compliments you best, you’re cool. If it’s gold, you’re warm.

Let your neck be your guide
With all the exfoliating, acids and brightening treatments on the market now, your face is more than likely lighter than the rest of your body. If you match your foundation to your face and get your picture taken, it is going to look like your head doesn’t belong on your body. If you match it to your neck, you get a seamless transition.

Determine your skin type
Now that you know what color to be looking for, formulation is just as important. If you wear a mattifying formula with a drier skin type, you may just be enhancing the dryness. Same with dewy on oily skin.

Step outside
Everyone is always satisfied surrounded by the lights of the department store. Ask for a mirror and go outside, the natural lighting is going to be your best judge. If it still looks great out in the sunlight, then you have found the winner.