Elegance: A Beginner’s Guide

Elegance is a dying art. In the world of fast food and fast fashion, to slow down and take the time to do anything is quickly becoming extinct. Elegance can be broken down into three parts: Personality. Perception. Presentation.

You need to be likable. Know your audience, this can mean many things. Your reputation should send the message that at a bar you would order wine, not PBR. (Even if you like PBR – see perception)

You need to have your act together. Even if you are a mess on the inside, no one should know that. You might not be good at everything, but never advertise that, just do in public the things you excel in. (see presentation) This can include everything from your choice of dinner location to your etiquette at work. Always be aware.

This applies to two different things, how you do things and how you look. When someone looks at you they shouldn’t imagine that you are the type of woman who drinks until you get sick and have sex with any man willing. You want to be considered the prize. How you dress effects that image. You don’t need to spend a lot to be elegant, but knowing how to invest in your wardrobe is definitely a good place to start.

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