Wardrobe Basics

Keeping in mind the article on Investing in your wardrobe, now we look at the bones of every woman’s wardrobe. This isn’t everything you should own, but the building blocks. Add or subtract as you see fit.

1. Black Cocktail Dress: This is something that you can pull out for every holiday party, wedding, date, whether last minute or planned out.
2. Wrap Dress: The most flattering dress ever. This is a great dress to incorporate a print or a color, but basic black or navy are also great options.
3. Black Blazer: Ideally this is the same material as the pencil skirt and the dress pants. That way you can wear it as a suit.
4. Black Pencil Skirt: Great for going out or work, just make sure it’s long enough.
5. Black Dress Pants: Even if you aren’t into wearing pants, it’s always great to have the one pair in your closet, if anything for especially rainy days.
6. White Dress Shirt: A classic. Enough said.
7. Sweater: Crew neck or v-neck. Cashmere or cotton. Have at least one in your closet. A neutral color is the most versatile, but this is a great place to add color.
8. T-shirts: Don’t spend too much, but don’t buy Hanes undershirts.
9. Dark Wash Jeans: The most flattering and the dressiest while still being casual. Buy the cut that is most flattering to your body shape. A Bootcut is always a nice option. If you do this, have one pair for flats and one for heels. Not one for both.
10. Leather Jacket: If there is only one piece you can invest in on this list, make it this. It will last you forever and look better with age.
11. Nude Pumps: Especially if you are into color, these will be the best shoe option to not distract from your colors and patterns.
12. Black Pumps: A classic and a must have.
13. Tennis Shoes: Great for errand running and weekends.
14. Trench Coat: Even if you live in a hotter climate, a trench coat is always a necessity.
Even if it’s just for a midnight rendezvous wearing nothing but lingerie.
15. Everyday Bag: Pick something big enough for your life and in a color you love.

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