Bathing Beauty

DSCN0241.JPGBathing is not to be taken lightly. We’re not talking about the bath time you remember as a child. The ratio of salts and oils, lighting, music, a lot goes into the perfect bath. See below for a breakdown of creating your ideal mix.

The Mix
Salts. Oils. Bubbles. Bombs. The list goes on. There is no need to be monogamous to your preference. If you stumble across something new and exciting, try it. I would say bombs and bubbles are the two I wouldn’t mix, but if you’re into that, go for it. Salts and oils can be adjusted to target whatever it is you’re going for (soothe pain, enhance pleasure). You can also find some pre-made mixes so the thinking is done for you. I feel any hardcore bath enthusiast would want to be their own chemist and create their own perfect bath.

Music, candles (scented vs non-scented) phones on airplane mode (exceptions can be made for sexy phone conversations made on a rotary phone.)

Depending on who you are, it can be all or nothing. Just depends on what you’re into.

Once you have finished your bath, it is time to moisturize. A thick body cream is a perfect choice. Don’t skip this step though, it is the perfect way to finish.

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