Investing in your Wardrobe

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on your clothes, it’s more about learning what to look for. You can locate amazing finds anywhere as long as you follow these guidelines.

Whether you’re at Target or Neiman Marcus, ask yourself: can you see through it? Do the seams match up? Does it have a lining? If it looks cheap (even if it costs a lot) it isn’t going to last.

Especially if you are shopping for a more affordable option here, rich neutrals are a safer bet than bright colors. Black, navy, burgundy, tan, these are a few examples of colors that look good from the $20 sweater to the $200 option.

None. Ever. Period. You will make yourself look cheap, even if you are in head to toe Chanel. Labeling yourself is going to look bad and give away how much you’ve spent. If you always wear pieces that look nice and don’t have a logo on them, people won’t know focus on what it is and how much it was, just the quality of your look.

Faux materials don’t last. If you can’t afford a cashmere sweater, a cashmere blend still will do the job. There are real leather shoe options in all sorts of price points. Cotton is another great option for clothing.

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