The Ten Step Manicure

dscn0186If you asked me what my necessary indulgence is, I would have to say manicures. Your hands are used so much from shaking them when you meet someone to using them to express yourself. I love making mine into an extravagant event, but free to do yours in a hurry on the bathroom floor if required.

  1. Using a crystal nail file, gentle shape your nails.
  2. Soak your nails to soften your cuticles. I always add a couple pumps of this miracle oil to the water.
  3. Apply cuticle removerPush back your cuticles with a metal cuticle pusher, than trim any excess dead skin.
  4. Using an exfoliator on dry hands, massage then rinse off.
  5. Apply a cuticle oil.
  6. Seal the oil in with a thick hand cream.
  7. Cleanse nail beds of all lotions and oils to prep the surface
  8. Apply a base coat.
  9. Follow with two coats of polish.
  10. Finish with a gel shine top coat.

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