The Brown Smokey Eye

I’ve never liked the gray smokey eye. It’s so severe. Even if it’s beautiful, I get so caught up in how the black always seems to overtake the look. A brown smokey eye seems so much more organic, more sexy. Something about those rich, warm browns just looks so much more luxe. I especially am in love with this look I created, a grungier take on your classic smokey eye.

  1. Prime the eye – lash line to brow bone and under the eye.
  2. Start by taking a light brown matte eye shadow and applying to the crease. Blend up to the brow bone.
  3. Follow with a warm taupe matte eyeshadow over the light brown shadow.Blend well.
  4. Apply a chocolate matte eye shadow in the outer V of the eye. Blend up towards the eyebrow.
  5. Taking that light brown eyeshadow you started with, apply on the lid where no color has been applied. Also, go over the taupe and chocolate eyeshadow to blend all the shadows together for a seamless transition.
  6. I also go back over the crease with the warm taupe shade blended lightly into the lid. Apply to the lower lash liner as well.
  7. With a dark brown eyeliner smudge under the eye, winging it out. Blend into the upper lash line. Layer a dark brown matte eyeshadow on top of the liner smoking it out.
  8. Apply a beige satin eyeshadow on the inner tear duct and right under the eye brow.
  9. Coat lashes with a lash primer.
  10. Finish with two coats of mascara, focusing the second coat on the outer portion of the eye for a feline shape.

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