Lingerie 101

We wear it every day, but how much thought are you really putting into it? A good set of lingerie is the foundation for your look. If they don’t fit well, you’re outfit won’t either. Your lingerie should make you feel good. It is surprising how a pretty set of bra and panties can really put a spring in your step. Even if you’re the only one who sees it, it’s still worth the investment.

Price Point
The first question you have to ask yourself is how much do you want to spend? With lingerie the sky really is the limit. You can spend some serious cash on this stuff. So pick how much you can live with spending.

Keep in mind the maintenance of the items. Silk and lace really should be hand washed only. If you put them in the dryer the lace deteriorating. If you only want to wash your delicates in the washer, get something durable that will hold up. You should never use the dryer. It ruins everything.

Especially true for your everyday sets, find things that do what you need them to. Do you want to push up? Minimize? If you wear a lot of deep v-neck tops, a bralette might be the best way to go if your aren’t especially large chested. It also makes shopping easier because you can sort by the features you are looking for, otherwise it’s rather overwhelming!

Where do you want to wear this? Is it saved for date nights and special occasions only? You can get something a little bit more dramatic. If you are looking for quality pieces for every day, you will want to find something that works under your clothing and makes you look good.

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