The Plum Velvet Lip

Plum is such an unexpected color. Everyone loves a classic red lip, including myself. However, if you want to wow them, go with a luxurious rich shade of plum – perfect for any time of year. Any finish will do, but I love the velvet matte finish the best (and also requires some of the least work). Don’t just slap it on and call it a day, make a ritual out of it. Add or subtract steps as you see fit.

  1. Lip scrub: To be honest, I use a damp towel to exfoliate my lip, but Sara Happ and Lush make some of the greatest scrubs that smell amazing.
  2. Lip Balm: Not too much and you want to give it a minute to soak in. If it hasn’t fully absorbed, blot the excess with a tissue.
  3. Lip Color: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu is my all time favorite. It smells great, it lasts for hours and its a liner and lipstick in one. The trick with this pencils is not to purse your lips together to distribute the color, that results in patchiness. One coat, touching up as you need will give you a beautiful finish.
  4. Blot: These pencils don’t really need it, so don’t expect a lot of color to transfer
  5. Touch up: Go over any spots that need a bit more saturation or sharpness.
  6. Clean up: If you couldn’t get the line sharp enough with the pencil, use a concealer brush and go around the perimeter of your mouth with your concealer.
  7. As an optional final step dust a little highlighter on your cupids bow

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