Color Palette

DSCN0091In order to be able to achieve true minimalism, I think you really need to know yourself. Know what you like, what makes you happy. If you are still experimenting, it’s hard to be so selective. The first and most important thing in minimalism is selecting a color palette.

I prefer to keep it classic sticking to shades of black, gray and navy. I’ll throw in a red lip or nails every so often, but otherwise, everything in my closet works with each other. And that is the best part. You have endless outfit choices when that gray sweater goes with your jeans, dress pants, shorts, everything! When I purchase a piece of clothing I give it great thought. If I can’t wear it with pretty much everything in my closet, I won’t buy it.

My colors won’t work for everyone, some people are fans of cream or camel, two other great neutrals out there. So give it some thought, pick three or four colors and start working towards your streamline wardrobe.

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