I feel like as time goes on, we are slowly go back to how things were decades ago. Before consumerism really took off. People didn’t buy crazy amounts of things just to buy them. And what they did buy was well made. The decline of quality has gotten so bad, that now it is considered a specialty to hand make something so that it doesn’t break in a week.

I was recently going through some of my belongings and came to the realization I still owned a pair of sandals from 2006. That is a decade I have owned these sandals. You’re probably thinking I bought them at Nordstrom, or some other store where the price tag is high, ensuring they are going to last longer than a month. Nope. Target. Yep, you read that right. Target. Now if I bought a pair of sandals at Target, I wouldn’t expect much out of them.

So that’s where I adopted the idea that I was going to not buy a million pairs of shoes, I was only going to buy a few. And those shoes would get me though whatever I need. Not just shoes, this thought was going to apply to everything. Quality instead of quantity. I was going to buy less, but the best version I could afford. Also known as “have less, make it luxe”.

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