The Ideal Number is 6

DSCN0112Shoes. We wear them every day. The shoe collection can be a slippery slope for even the most die hard minimalists because there are so many options. For those of you trying to do the most with the least the six shoes I’ve selected below in neutral colors will maximize your wearability. If you choose to get colorful… well… you may end up with more than six…

  1. Boots/booties: I find knee high boots to fit my lifestyle best and they go with everything in my closet. However a bootie is a great option as well and looks much better with tights and party dress. Black is best for both casual and dressy options, brown is better for casual. If you are daring a nude bootie can be quite versatile.
  2. Classic Black Pumps: What list would be complete without one? I find that playing with texture in this shoe elevates it from basic to interesting without calling too much attention to it. And it helps hide scuffs. You can’t go wrong with a quality croc print.
  3. Nude pumps/sandals: I personally feel the closed toe nude pump is a bit strange. Like mannequin feet. A good peep toe is a nice option if you feel the need for a fuller coverage shoe. My preference is a strappy sandal version. I want the most amount of foot showing. I am loving the minimalism sandal trend right now, however my toes can’t stand the feel of the singular strap
  4. Wedges: I love them so. Equal parts dressy and casual at the same time. How many shoes can say that? A nude color ensures it will work with everything in your wardrobe and make it seem like you have legs for days even if you don’t.
  5. Flats: Ballet flats, moccasins, smoking slippers. The list goes on. If you are feeling bold a nice dose of color can be added here. Pick something you can wear all day and goes with everything in your closet.
  6. Sandals: These are going to be your summer workhorse, so find something you can walk around site seeing or trekking through the beach. I prefer a neutral color like nude/black/brown to work with the most amount of clothing options, but if your wardrobe is fairly neutral this could also be a place to have fun with color (if you’re into that sort of thing)

Quality Over Quantity

DSCN0110I have recently been plagued with the stress of finding a new lipstick. You know what I’m talking about. Nothing seems to fit the bill. You love the packaging but hate the smell. The color is beautiful but it dries your lips out like crazy. I stumbled across the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick and I was immediately in love. The color was exactly what I wanted, a natural nude pink, moisturizing, the packaging was to die for. The list went on. The one caveat? The price…

I was having a hard time justifying spending $37 on a lipstick. Then I started reviewing the hell I had been through to discover the lipstick. I have extremely sensitive skin and was still suffering the side effects of a cheaper lipstick destroying my lips. The more I thought about it the more I started to talk myself into it. You see I don’t have an arsenal of lip products. This was going to be it. One lipstick (well and one red one, but that is TOTALLY different), and I started thinking about my own mantra of have less but make it luxe. So I might spend $37 on one amazing lipstick I use pretty much every day. Every time I pull that baby out of my bag I am going to be in love all over again and that is how I arrived at the conclusion, I need this in my life.

Color Palette

DSCN0091In order to be able to achieve true minimalism, I think you really need to know yourself. Know what you like, what makes you happy. If you are still experimenting, it’s hard to be so selective. The first and most important thing in minimalism is selecting a color palette.

I prefer to keep it classic sticking to shades of black, gray and navy. I’ll throw in a red lip or nails every so often, but otherwise, everything in my closet works with each other. And that is the best part. You have endless outfit choices when that gray sweater goes with your jeans, dress pants, shorts, everything! When I purchase a piece of clothing I give it great thought. If I can’t wear it with pretty much everything in my closet, I won’t buy it.

My colors won’t work for everyone, some people are fans of cream or camel, two other great neutrals out there. So give it some thought, pick three or four colors and start working towards your streamline wardrobe.



I feel like as time goes on, we are slowly go back to how things were decades ago. Before consumerism really took off. People didn’t buy crazy amounts of things just to buy them. And what they did buy was well made. The decline of quality has gotten so bad, that now it is considered a specialty to hand make something so that it doesn’t break in a week.

I was recently going through some of my belongings and came to the realization I still owned a pair of sandals from 2006. That is a decade I have owned these sandals. You’re probably thinking I bought them at Nordstrom, or some other store where the price tag is high, ensuring they are going to last longer than a month. Nope. Target. Yep, you read that right. Target. Now if I bought a pair of sandals at Target, I wouldn’t expect much out of them.

So that’s where I adopted the idea┬áthat I was going to not buy a million pairs of shoes, I was only going to buy a few. And those shoes would get me though whatever I need. Not just shoes, this thought was going to apply to everything. Quality instead of quantity. I was going to buy less, but the best version I could afford. Also known as “have less, make it luxe”.